RaVaana Griggs Senior Capstone

Recently I started my own business called “RaVi’s Rastas”. Before school started I decided I wanted goddess locs for school. All of the professional stylist charged over $150 so I decided to do the style myself: I did my hair so well that people began to ask me to do their hair. Starting my business I decided to only charge $75 for the goddess locs, going forward the price will go up but this is just my start off price. My mother and I made business card with my Name, Email, and phone number: The card also has the name on my business and a picture of my hair. I knew though my hair would bring me so much. Because of the great business and clients doing my own hair got me I decided to do the same thing for others. On a Wednesday of my choice I will be hosting and leading a workshop for anyone who is interested that teaches participants how to do goddess and faux locs. I will also make a portfolio of the styles I created and an outline of the business strategies I used to gain more customers. The most effective thing I want to do is make a YouTube tutorial on how to do the style, Once I do the whole project I will be putting together a video of the workshop, my tutorial, a slideshow of my client pictures. Below is the product of my vision. I hope you enjoy viewing my project as much as I enjoyed completing it.
Senior Capstone Project Workshop