Internship with State Representative Rabb

My capstone consisted of me going to State Representative Chris Rabb’s office every Wednesday to volunteer. I helped the three women at the office Foluke, Carla, and Danielle organize things around the office, I put data into the constituent tracking system, and helped people who came into the office fill out applications and with other miscellaneous things. I also help out at events ran by Rabb’s office such as food pantries and luncheons. As someone who is interested in politics, this internship was a way I could dip my toe in the shallow end of the pool. It was a wonderful rollercoaster, with some days being rather dry, full of busy work and plugging in information into a computer, and some days that are rewarding, days where I get to felt like I was being of service to members of the community. I have been able to understand the work that is necessary to create a positive change, and for that I will forever value this experience.