Infopgraphic On Tv Shows

I chose this because Tv is something I believe everyone in my audience could relate to, so this would be a less complex topic to discuss. I also chose this topic because is a part of my everyday life even though I may not watch programs on tv everyday in some way I may still may use my tv. Lastly, I chose this topic because I feel tv and electronics are apart of American culture so I wanted to include this into my project

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Kemet Musgrove (Student 2018)
Kemet Musgrove

WOW! This was really creative and I learned lots when looking at yours. I really like how you put different genres in your infographic. I also really thought it was really cool how you used images in there. I also created a presentation about different genres of tv when I was in 2ND grade..Lol… I like this great work :)