Humans Of SLA Beeber: Elizabeth Watkins

Interviewer: Elizabeth Watkins

How would you define yourself?

-”As a child of God. Who follows God’s teachings. Who is trying to live a healthy wholesome life. Who is friendly. Not judgemental because you should judge others, so they won’t judge you.”

What was your childhood like?

  • “It was a good life. She knew she was loved. She had both parents, who were loving and kind. Also she didn’t know she was poor because her parents provided everything that she needed. And there was no such thing as fights, and if it was then it would just be fists fight. Kids back then respected their neighbors and their parents.”

.Did u ever experience prejudice in your life?

“Well I guess since I was so young, I didn’t notice segregation and prejudice. But there was a time when my mother went to look out the window, and she saw the kkk going to their meeting. They were dressed up all in white, with their hoods on their heads. They didn’t bother anyone though. But that was the first I realized that prejudice existed. Another incident, she went to visit her aunt, she wanted to go to another town in the south. Her not living in a pred. community. She went on the bus and sat in the front. So her aunt was scared so she told her that she had to sit in the back.”