Human Anatomy Benchmark

Understanding Overdosing on Pharmaceutical Drugs

Trey Hollinger
I chose pharmaceutical drug overdose or my project because I felt like drug overdose is actually very important but it is a problem that is overlooked by many.     I did not know the statistical data such as how many people overdose from these drugs each year so I wanted to know more about the issue on pharmaceutical drug overdose, who was out there trying to put an end to these overdoses, and why these overdose were happening at such a constant rate. I also wanted to know if this was a problem that more related to minors or if even adults were significantly affected by overdosing on these prescribed drugs. 
I truly contributed to the group by basically doing the entire project. I worked very hard on the research part of the benchmark, I constructed a way to include important details that would make our Benchmark even more informative, and I put the video together in the end. We all did well on interviewing, specifically I took the time to interview the nurse thoroughly but a lot of the content she gave couldn't be included into the video. I believe I did well on finding credible sources and evidence, finding sources who provided information that was factual and less about bias, and by putting together a video that was informative but didn't go too far past the time limit. Though, in the future I would try to get this done a lot sooner we didn't wait until the last minute but didn't put enough effort into getting the job done a lot sooner than the day before the project was due. 
The most meaningful part of the project was getting new intel and new perspective on the topic, before I used to think only drugs maintained illegally throughout the streets were the issues but now I know even over the counter drugs when used improperly can be quite harmful to the public's health. 

After gaining this knowledge it makes me want to do something about it as if it slowly has awoken the activist inside of me, though I am no superman and cannot save everyone, this kind of topic makes me want to learn more about the importances of pharmaceutical opioid overdose, and spread the word for helping prevention of this issue.
Topic of Video:
The video created was on the overdose on pharmaceutical drugs and how it is affecting us. We explained the different ways drug overdosing is affected the community, the statistics on opioid overdose, and what solutions we have as for what can be done to help prevent drug overdose