Algebra 2 Benchmark

Algebra Benchmark

As I consumed caffeine from these different foods and drinks 13% of the caffeine left my body and 87% or .87 of the caffeine remained. Even with the more caffeine I consumed, 13% of that each hour would leave my body.

Based on the amount of caffeine that was still in my body even when I was sleeping, I would recommend one to stop consuming caffeine earlier in the day rather later because based off the data I collected, you will never have a time when you have 0 mg of caffeine in your body so the more hours your body has to eliminate the caffeine the better it will do for your body. The daily recommended amount of caffeine is between 32-100 mg of caffeine, though lots of the typically eaten or drunk food and drinks contain caffeine of 200 mg and even larger so if you are a person who enjoys coffee as I do then I would recommend keeping any extra consumption of caffeine to a minimum. The highest amount of caffeine I consumed throughout that 48 hour period was actually only about 78 mg of caffeine which for someone who enjoys to drink and eat foods and drinks with caffeine isn’t so bad.